WILD CARDS. A novel about family, magic and baseball heroes from the past and present.

Who hasn't watched baseball and dreamed of seeing Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, Ty Cobb and Lou Gehrig on the same field as the All Stars of today - including Albert Pujols, Derek Jeter and more? So imagine if one day these and other legends of the past showed up alive again, with their destiny in the hands of a young boy, wanting a game with the current major league stars.

"WILD CARDS is Field of Dreams meets Harry Potter."

Full of poignant moments and exciting action, WILD CARDS is a novel of striking narrative and power that offers unforgettable characters, hypnotic humor and breathtaking suspense while investigating the mysteries of faith, fatherhood, re-incarnation and the timeless game of baseball. WILD CARDS is a share-with-your-friends jubilation wrapped in a good old fashioned story of belief and hope.

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