Ken Berris - WILD CARDS Author - Radio Appearances in September


September is going to be a busy month for WILD CARDS author Ken Berris as he makes his way around the country to talk with radio stations from Dallas to Asheville, from Memphis to Boston.

Tune in to these interviews and enjoy learning about WILD CARDS, baseball, family and faith with WILD CARDS author Ken Berris.

Thursday, September 17th

(Format: General Interest) 7:40a-7:50a PT—KMA-AM (Shenandoah, IA—OMAHA, NE). Live interview on the “Dean & Don” show, hosted by Dean Adkins and Don Hansen. 


Saturday, September 19th

(Format: Sports) 12:35p-12:45p ET—WWNC-AM (Asheville, NC—ASHEVILLE, NC / GREENVILLE, SC). Live interview on “The Sports Tank”, hosted by Tank Spencer. 

Monday, September 21st

(Format: Sports) 7:30a-7:45a PT—USA Radio Network (Dallas, TX—SYNDICATED). Taped interview with USA Radio Network Sports Director John Clemens. 

Tuesday, September 22nd

(Format: General Interest) 5:10a-5:20a PT—WKNY-AM (Kingston, NY—NEW YORK, NY). Live interview on “The WKNY AM Drive Sports Show”, hosted by Warren Lawrence and Chris Burns. 

(Format: Sports) 3:15p-3:25p PT—KCSF-AM (Colorado Springs —Colorado Springs, CO). Taped interview on the “MC Sports Daily” show, hosted by Matt Pauley. 

Friday, September 25th

(Format: General Interest) 12:00noon ET—USA Today Radio. Live interview with John Clemens

(Format: Sports) 9:05a-9:15a PT—KBSN-AM (Moses Lake, WA—SPOKANE, WA). Live interview on the “Sportstalk” show, hosted by Rich Price. 

Monday, September 28th

(Format: Sports) 8:40-8:55a PT—WHBQ-AM (Memphis, TN—MEMPHIS, TN). Live interview on the “Sportstime” show, hosted by George Lapides and Dave Woloshin.

(Format: Sports / Internet Radio) 11:30a-11:40a PT—Boston Herald Radio (Boston, MA—INTERNET RADIO). Live interview on the “Sports Town” show, hosted by Chris Villani.

Tuesday, September 29th

(Format: Sports) 4:05p-4:25p PT—KROD-AM (El Paso, TX—EL PASO, TX). Live interview on the “Sports Talk” show, hosted by Steve Kaplowitz.


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