WILD CARDS book reviews and quotes

"Legends come to life in this baseball fantasy tale. A new, imaginative take on how fans connect with their baseball heroes, bringing to life why people love and collect their legendary stories.” 

Johnny Bench
Baseball Hall of Fame Catcher

"Wild Cards is a great book...dynamite author...check it out!"

Drew Mulholland
CBS Radio Boston

“Essentially, the ultimate fantasy for sports fans. It's amazing! It's crazy! Very cool stuff! We're excited about it. A great opportunity for baseball fans. I can't wait until we can talk about this being a major motion picture."

Steve Kaplowitz
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“Interesting, interesting take. It is one of the coolest baseball books that I've read. And I know there are a lot of options out there when you go to Barnes & Noble or Amazon, when you type in sports or baseball...Field of Dreams has always been one of my favorite, favorite movies. I took the trip to the farm and it brought back all those great feelings...but I can tell you that this is a story that is as good or better (than Field of Dreams) with some of the story lines that you have. It takes all of the old players, throws in the modern element, brings in the family, and it makes the story endearing. It's a father's journey. It's a mothers journey. Fascinating book! I actually think this would be a fascinating movie."

Ron Godier
CBS Sports

“WILD CARDS”, by Ken Berris, is a thoroughly enjoyable story about loyalty, virtuosity, faith and baseball that offers readers a great climax which pits the stars of today—Miguel Cabrera, Clayton Kershaw, Mike Trout, Madison Bumgarner et al.—against a teams of legends—Babe Ruth, Satchel Paige, Roberto Clemente, Jackie Robinson et al.—in a game for the ages at Yankee Stadium.The legends have somehow come back to life to aid a mother and son who are being chased by murderous thugs, and the story appeals to all of us who would love to see Ty Cobb and Josh Gibson take on Madison Baumgarner and David Price."

Warren Lawrence
CBS Radio New York

"WILD CARDS is Harry Potter meets Field of Dreams. It's the essence of "Normal Rockwell" in today's American polyglot world. It's the sweetness of youth and imagination inspired by our inherent ageless love affair with our National Pastime. WILD CARDS is an emotional home run with the bases loaded."

Cyrus Yavneh,
Producer: The Hit TV Show 24

"Author Ken Berris is now the grand impresario of sports fantasy with his amazing story of a game between baseball’s greatest heroes of yore and those of today. As he brings from death to life famous ball players, Berris searches for a new formula to answer the question of whether we pass from this life to something new. He picks from science, philosophy and from a host of religious traditions for its constituent elements."

Father Bob Camuso, 
Senior Priest, Seattle Archdiocese,
Co-Founder, SacraMentors

"Faith and baseball? I was expecting a book about the Chicago Cubs. Instead, Ken Berris has given us a story more akin to Field of Dreams. Good. Wholly unexpected."

- Chris Carter,
Creator: The X-Files

"For all of those sports fans who argue about who throughout history was better than whom, here is Ken Berris’ wonderfully imaginative way of asking the question. WILD CARDS is a terrific romp through baseball fields and history, igniting readers' memories as visceral as the smell of mown infield grass and the sound of a game on a neighbor's radio. Readers from ages nine to ninety-nine will have a blast.” 

Ken Hurwitz
Author: Till Death Do Us Part

"What a terrific story weaving details of our greatest baseball player’s lives into a “believable” happening. Fantasy Baseball from the past at its finest. Baseball fans will love this book.” 

David Meggysy
Author: Out of Their League

"Baseball fans love numbers. They love to swirl them around in their mouths like Bordeaux wine."

- Pat Conroy,
Author: The Prince of Tides

"There's always room for a story that can transport people to another place."

J.K. Rowling,
Harry Potter Series

"Riveting, imaginative, with characters that you won't soon forget."

Lawrence Dworet

"Great - a real treasure for baseball fans."

Fern Ingber
President & CEO - National Children's Oral Health Foundation

"Field of Dreams goes into the fifth dimension with Ken Berris's Wild Cards. I found it quite interesting. Wild Cards is quick reading, a wild ride fantasy and fun. If you find yourself visualizing the players and all the action, then you might be imagining this as a movie, which would make perfect sense. Berris is an award winning director and screenwriter."

Erin Graffy
Montecito Journal

"Fantastic! Santa Barbara author Ken Berris puts another imaginative twist on the subject of baseball cards in his novel Wild Cards. It is about a boy who has 10 cards that miraculously materialize into legendary players, each at the peak of his career. They form a team, the Wild Cards, that will play the Major League All-Stars in a showdown between the beatified past and the complicated present."

John Zant
Santa Barbara Independent

"WILD CARDS is nothing short of a masterpiece. Ken Berris has delivered a well-crafted baseball story which connects and cracks it right out of the park. A human drama, full of humor and multi-faceted characters, this book taught me more than I ever knew about baseball through its legendary players, Wild Cards: Babe Ruth, Christy Mathewson, Jackie Robinson, Jim Thorpe, Josh Gibson, Lou Gehrig, Roberto Clemente, Satchel Paige, Ted Williams and Ty Cobb. I loved getting to know each one of these baseball players and they quickly felt like long-lost friends. A book of instinct as well as intellect and humor, this is a unique sports novel that also asks some very deep questions about the vastness and awesomeness of our universe and what we’re doing here. The scope of material covered in this book is pretty astonishing. Ken Berris has managed to connect sports, the entertainment business, consumerism, politics, philosophy, religion and spirituality in a quick-paced and funny microcosm of humanity and society. It totally delivers. I would love to see this book come to the big screen."

Keith Hawthorne

"WILD CARDS is an historical, nostalgic fantasy about our national pastime that brings back why baseball plays such an important role in our popular sports culture and society. Its author Ken Berris has an amazing creative and inquisitive writing style that makes for a fun and interesting read."

Robert Moss

"A page-turner with heart, wisdom, adventure and the all-American dream of baseball as a metaphor for good.Ken Berris is a storyteller and a philosopher. A winning book. I recommend it to everyone with a son or father. But then, I'm a woman with daughters and I loved this read!"

Linda Chandler

"A wonderful, inspiring read, weaving baseball, youth, fatherhood, hope and everything good about growing up in America. The big, bad NFL may be "king" these days. The NBA is hot. But baseball is where the heart is and Berris uses baseball to reconnect. This book is mesmerizing."

Phil Motta

"You don't have to love baseball to love this book, just the mystery of life. The book is wonderfully written--almost cinematic--and touching and insightful while still being engaging and fun. Don't miss it!"

Alfred Joyal

"WILD CARDS is a sure winner... a grand slam!"

Michael Alexander

"Great read. It should be on the book list for anyone interested in baseball or families."

Steve Chabre

"Best Baseball book since Moneyball."

Jim Helin

"Like baseball, the universe is an astonishing organization of complex rules. And sometimes both tilt sideways on their axes and the rules are bent. Doors are opened. Eyes are opened. History is made. No, it isn’t easy to discern reality from fantasy sometimes, but within the friendly confines of our national pastime, award-winning director and screenwriter Ken Berris offers a fantastic new vision in WILD CARDS, an action-packed new novel about loyalty, virtuosity, faith and baseball through time and space.

The implausible becomes possible—and a lot of fun—as an event of epic proportions and potentially dire consequences plays out in front of the world at Yankee Stadium. It’s the “Game for the Ages” against modern-day stars like Miguel Cabrera, Clayton Kershaw, Mike Trout and Madison Bumgarner. The game that we’ve always wanted to see. And the stakes—the lives of innocent people, the soul of the game and the desire for a departed father to return to his family—couldn’t be higher. Do you believe in miracles? Because anything can happen on these pages. Play ball.

Berris takes readers on a fantastic baseball odyssey that proves that the full measure of a baseball player cannot be realized by studying the stats on the back of his baseball card. And sometimes, when the universe tilts sideways on its axis, we get a better understanding of what “legend” really means."

Adam Rifenberick, 
Press Box Publications

"Reading Ken Berris’ novel, Wild Cards, is immensely enjoyable. The book is creative, informative, and often moving. The writing is vivid and the weaving together of multiple story lines made the narrative compelling and engaging. Berris’ ingenuity and writing skills are singularly impressive. I was struck by how much he knows about baseball and by his love of the game. Readers will be convinced that baseball really is a microcosm of life, love, and faith."

Richard M. Lerner, Ph.D., 
 Bergstrom Chair in Applied Developmental Science
 Director, Institute for Applied Research in Youth Development
 Tufts University

"A great read for those who have a respect for the past, and a joy of being a fan of today. This book has all kinds of twists and turns and some classic characters in the mix along with the added background of some of our legends of baseball and sports. This was a fun read, and I came away with great admiration of the imagination and ingenious plot construction of the author."

Walter B. Ailes 

"Wild Cards takes the reader on a wild journey through the history of baseball on a vehicle of fantasy, spirituality, intrigue, and suspense. The most ardent baseball fan is treated to the research done by author Ken Berris relating to the fascinating backgrounds of those hall-of-famers, from Ty Cobb to Ted Williams, providing facts about their respective lives that certainly never made the tabloids of their day. As each player is introduced in the book, he is cleverly introduced to the contemporary setting of today, as he is miraculously transformed from card to life. And, how fitting it is that the power given these players to come to life is in the hands of a young boy, who is challenged by bad people, the media, and reality, in an effort to put together the game of the century between those former baseball legends and current hall-of-fame candidates. The outcome answer the question all sports enthusiasts ponder, regardless of the sport – could present-day athletes beat the greats of the past. This is a “must read” for all baseball fans."

Dr. Bronte Reynolds, Professor, 
  Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
  Michael D. Eisner College of Education
  California State University, Northridge

"I definitely recommend this book!

If you've ever wondered what the meaning of life and why we are really here is all about you will really love this book. Ken Berris does a fantastic job of combining baseball, suspense, mystery, and love of family. It is so well written that I felt like I was really meeting these interesting players from the past. all had very different personalities that watching them interact with each other was often hilarious and entertaining!"

Dale Huffman

"I too can't wait to see this story on the big screen. Ken has done his homework on these baseball greats and weaves magic into the stories...great for all ages!"

Stephen MacIntosh